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The Adaptive Calculation Engine API is available via the static methods of the abstract class HybridFormulaEvaluator.

The single formula methods compileExpression(), compileFormula(), evaluateExpression() and evaluateFormula() can be effectively used for the development and testing. The compileAllFormulas() is the ACE4J main method of formulas compilation. This method returns a FormulaFieldsDescriptor compilation summary consisting of the ordered evaluation sequences of the formulas, formula dependencies and encountered errors.

The evaluateDependentFormulas() and evaluateAllFormulas() methods are the ACE4J primary methods of formulas evaluation. These methods use a Jackson-based CalculationContext object as a parameter which allows them to evaluate Excel-like formulas outside of a spreadsheet context. They obtain a FormulaFieldsDescriptor object from the CalculationContext parameter and use it as a data structure, which directs their execution.